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Amanda  Dorton Staff Photo


Earth Science Upcycle Project  

Due by June 1, 2018

Create an Upcycle Project.  Talk to me or look on Pinterest for details.

You may bring it in early.  The grade will go on R8 since it is due on June 1. 

Earth Science SOL Tutoring  

SOL Tutoring for Earth Science will begin after school on March 20, 2018.  I will be available on the dates listed below for review/tutor.  I plan on staying 3:15-5:00.  However, if needed, I can stay as late as 6:30 to accommodate ball practice and other circumstances.  Just let me know ahead of time.


I'll have a sign up sheet on my door.  Sign up a day in advance.  Do not forget to tell me if you're staying.  If you don't tell me, I may make other plans.  


These dates are subject to change due to my allergy appointments.




Tuesday, March 20

Wednesday, March 21

Tuesday, March 27

Wednesday, March 28

Tuesday, April 3

Wednesday, April 4

Tuesday, April 10

Wednesday, April 11

Tuesday, April 17

Wednesday, April 18

Tuesday, April 24

Wednesday, April 25

Tuesday, May 1

Wednesday, May 2

Tuesday, May 8

Wednesday, May 9

Tuesday, May 15

Wednesday, May 16